In the 4-Box activity plot of sales rep behaviors, securing displays week after week is the greatest and most important discipline of Execution. That’s why our Display Tracking Awesomeness survey is the cornerstone of CPG Data’s Execution Management System!

Improve Ad Tracker Execution

It’s nice to know where you have a display, BUT it’s critical to know where
you DON’T!

Instant Incentive Updates

The #1 change to incentives you can make to get more bang for your buck is
to provide your team with regular real-time updates on how they’re doing!
We are all driven to win, but it helps to know the score!

Historical Execution Analytics

When you know where the displays were, when they were, and how big
they were, then you’ll know where, when, and how big they need to be
next time to exceed your goals!

Effortless Exporting

It’s our job to make you as prepared and informed as possible about
your market execution levels EVERY time you have a conversation with a
retailer or a supplier, especially the BIG ones!

I`m accountable for Execution.

CPG Data was designed by distributor, supplier, and retail leaders who have sat in
your chair and lived your execution problems. Click below to schedule a webinar and
product demonstration with our team!

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CPG Data collected execution performance measures against
the 5 most important activities in every supplier business
plan you`ve signed off on.

  • Frequency: Weekly (HIGH)
    Revenue Driver: Immediate (HIGH)


    What if you knew your display support of feature results before your retailer?
    Having your sales team use CPG Data is like having a quarterback in the NFL
    getting real time photos of the defense in between series. It allows you to
    make adjustments WHILE IT STILL MATTERS!

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  • Frequency: Monthly (MEDIUM)
    Revenue Driver: Current (MEDIUM)


    This is more than a “supplier compliance” tool. It is the fastest and easiest tap
    handle survey on the market! You’ll love the month over month tracking of
    trends by supplier, by brand, by segment, by chain, or by sales territory. CPG
    Data’s THS survey is the first comprehensive market share measuring system
    for the keg beer!

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  • Frequency: Monthly (MEDIUM)
    Revenue Driver: Immediate (HIGH)


    This survey was created by our first distributor customer who said: “I’m sick
    and tired of paying for new points of distribution and then finding out that the
    product never made it to the shelf! Tony says he’s now saving up to 40% on
    monthly PFP dollars by paying only against placements that are tracked by
    CPG Data’s NPP survey!

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  • Frequency: Monthly (MEDIUM)
    Revenue Driver: Immediate (HIGH)


    Are you down with OPP? Or up with OPP? Track all of your on-premise
    promotions with CPG Data’s OPP survey. The summary of promotions by
    brand will save your team hours if not days and the insight on where your
    resources are going (or not) help you make better allocation decisions that
    drive desired results!

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  • Frequency: Weekly (HIGH)
    Revenue Driver: Delayed (LOW)

    MRG: Manager`s App

    We’ve all done it… You see a great display – or a terrible one – at 7:30 AM and by the time you’re with that person so many things have happened that the details are fuzzy and the coaching opportunity has passed. With the MGR survey, managers can “capture & caption” what they see in the market and reference a photo for a fact-based discussion later. CPG Data’s MGR survey is an investment in the development of your people!

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  • Displays
  • Taps
  • POD
  • Promos
  • MGR

Meet Our Team


Tracy B. Neal



Jesse Diaz



Brian Mullaly

Chief Technology Officer


Jenn Sparks

Director of Operations


Meagan Pearson

Distributor Business Manager


Payten Vermilyer

Distributor Execution Manager


Matt Harms



Kevin Balzer

Creative Director


  • "The CPG data program allows us to get real time information on display support of feature
    execution without having to physically make every store. It also allows us to get a quick recap
    of all display activity, including competition, and through the reporting functions it allows for
    a quick sorting of information by salesman, DM, chain account,etc. The CPG Data program
    is part of our daily activities that reinforce selling more beer and I would highly recommend
    it for all wholesalers."

    Phil Meacham

    Executive Vice President of Malt Beverages, Glazer's

    “We use CPG Data every single day at Mesa Beverage. We track display execution against
    chain features, we review trade execution with our suppliers, and we use the photos
    internally to coach and train our sales team on our execution standards at retail. And the
    new Tap Handle Survey helped us identify a weak competitor in the market and provided
    us with a target list by sales rep to increase our on-premise market share.”

    Mark Herculson

    President, Mesa Beverage, Inc.

    “The CPG Data Team understands our business! They have supported us throughout the
    year and have been very responsive in helping us to capture and identify the metrics that
    drive our business. This is the best new service to measure retail execution in the industry.”

    Gordon Green

    General Manager, Capital Distributing

  • “Congratulations to CPG Data for providing Admiral Beverage with a great sales tool! My
    Brand Managers are saving 4 office hours a week because of CPG Data. Compiling pictures
    for our numerous incentives is now an easy process and our suppliers love CPG Data. The
    professional pictures have reinforced the fact that we are a Best in Class Beer Distributor.”

    Greg Brown

    General Manager, Admiral Beverage Company

    “On our MBO's with displays we had issues on verification; when, where and the number of cases. With CPG Data it's all rolled up by supplier or by chain account by a push of a button.“

    Dick Fisher

    General Manager, Miller of Denton

    “We have been with CPG Data for about a year now. We use the display tool to track weekly display results for our house, by supplier & size. The app is fast and easy to use for the sales reps in addition it doesn’t flood your inbox with emails. Everything you need is in the cloud and all the recapping is done for you. We just started with the new draft survey app [Tap Handle Survey] which we are excited to have.“

    Kevin Byrnes

    General Manger, ROGO Distributors

Most of our customers can be up and running
with CPG Data in less than 48 hours.

There’s no extra hardware to purchase, no
software to load, and no legacy system
integration to manage!

We hope you like your RAS vendor because
we don’t provide RAS and we want you to
keep doing business with them.

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CPG Data is a cloud-based service support by
Amazon Web Services with emergency back
up, enhanced security, and dedicated
protocols for a 99.999% uptime guarantee. All
data is stored and accessible for 24 months.

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